Staff at a Glance


Joseph Mills, Principal; email:

Jennifer McConnell, Building Secretary; email:

Guidance Department

Carey Ballinger; email:

Lisa Levering, Guidance Secretary; email:

English Department

Molly Clinger, Chair; email:

Angela Conley; email:

Ginger Holloway; email:

Ann Marie Thomas; email:

Katie Porteus; email:

Math Department

Shannon Byerly: email:

Dick Uyak; email:

Corie Moore; email:

Social Studies Department 

Jennifer Price, Chair; email:

Kirsten Ebert; email:

Diana McClure; email:

Science Department 

Beau Wolford, Chair; email:

Jodi Adams; email:

Tammy Wells; email:

Related Subjects

John Brehm, Vocal and Instrumental Music; email:

Jack Bault, Physical Education and Health; email:

Angi Bush, Family and Consumer Sciences; email:

Erin Wollett, Agricultural Education;      email:

Krista Betti, Agricultural Education;         email:

Special Education Intervention

Eric Staley; email:

Jeremy Tomassetti; email:

Pam Frysinger; email: